3 week diet system

The Three week diet system breakdown

Are you looking to lose weight and get that healthy body you have always dreamed of? If so, you are not alone. Many people try to lose weight but the majority of them fail. We have all been down that road before and it’s not a place that anyone wants to be. The truth is most diets simply don’t work, but luckily for us there is a new diet on the market that is having some surprising results.

The Three Week Diet

Created by Brian Flatt using scientific based facts. The 3 Week Diet works with every body type to lose weight fast. Unlike some diet plans that only work for some people the 3 week diet system works for everyone! So no matter if you want to lose 10 or 100 pounds this diet will work for you. But how does this diet plan actually work and does it really help you burn fat?

The Three Week Diet Review

The 3 Week Diet works to burn stored fat that your body has been saving. Thousands of years ago our humans needed to store fat in order to make it through harsh winters and times when food was not readily available. Troy from All Star Workouts makes note of his comprehensive review of the three week diet and also mentions that if we can eat whenever we want our body never has the chance to get rid of extra fat. The Three Week Diet works with your body by signaling it to go into starvation mode. While that sounds like a scary thing it’s actually not harmful at all. When your body goes into starvation mode it uses up that stored fat to keep your liver, heart and other organs going helping you to shed those unwanted pounds. Below is a step by step example of how the 3 week diet system works.

1. Phase one liver detoxification: In this phase you will be taking vitamins A, D and C in order to rid your liver of toxins. Many people found that after this phase it was easy to lose up 15 pounds. During this phase you can choose from 17 different vegetables and 6 sources of protein.
2. Phase two 24 hours of fasting: During this phase you will fast from dinner on the 7th day until dinner on the 8th day. This helps the body start to burn fat effectively and it will be gearing up to go into starvation mode. On the 8th day you will be able to enjoy anything you want with the exception of too many crabs.
3. Phase three fat fasting: This is where the science comes into play. When you fast your body will start to crave for more fat. By fasting your body will start to use up stored fat and this is when you will be in full starvation mode. During this phase you will be fasting on the days 9, 10, and 11.
4. Phase four your unique BMR: During this phase you will learn how to properly calculate your unique BMR and how to create a calorie deficit based on it.  Check out the BMR calculator that is great companion for the 3 week diet at www.fitnesshacker.com This will help you get results quickly and you will start to love how you look in the mirror.



Mi40x workout program – is it worth your money

With so many different types of workout programs on the market today, people have a difficult time identifying which ones are worth the money, and which ones are not. Therefore, when an individual is looking to find the best ones that will fit their needs, they will need to do their research in advance to see what others in the workout communities are saying. Allstarworkouts.com has done a great MI40X workout review on their site that is really worth a look if your serious about looking into the workout. In specific, people should always learn what they can about the success that people are having with the workout program that they want to make an investment in. This said, one of the more recently known programs that people are considering today is the Mi40x workout program.

What is the Mi40x workout program?

As previously stated, before an individual decides to try the Mi40x workout program, they may look on the Internet to see if they can find out what the program is about. Similar to learning about any new product or service, people normally need a brief overview or a detailed description that tells them what the new innovative solution is. For instance, when an individual is doing their research on the Mi40x program, they may want to know who sponsors this program and how it works. Because the Mi40x muscle workout program has been designed by a professional in the muscle workout industry, there is a science that is behind the workout that helps to achieve the best results possible. So, it is important to note that the Mi40x program is based on a specified application that helps an individual with building up muscle mass extremely fast. Which means, for people who want to do more than just follow the traditional options, they will also discover that this new system takes advantage of numerous things including satellite cells in the body that is used for building extra muscle, even when the person is asleep.

Workouts Simple but Effective

Even though the designer of this program, Ben Pakulski, makes bold claims that people are paying close attention to, people are normally surprised to learn that the overall program is based on a combination of very simple workouts that many people can perform. Although they are simple, they are still very effective strategies that lead to rapid muscle growth. In fact, when an individual buys this program, they will have access to a wide variety of different things including muscle building exercises that burns away fat, nutrition and supplement guides along with workout videos. All of which are being made available to those who want to achieve maximum success.

What are consumers saying?

Another important factor in choosing the best work out program is finding out what other consumers are saying. Positive and negatives comments will help to make informed decisions. For instance, the Mi40x is not lacking in fulfilling its claims, unlike other workout programs, Ben Pakulski and his promoters have spared no expense in making sure this workout is really a one stop shop for instructions through videos and guides on how to get the best results. Because this program was not developed overnight, it has many years of experience in the making. Therefore, it is meeting its primary objectives by helping people to develop tight muscles quickly, while also shedding the unwanted fat.

Is this workout worth the money?

According to professionals who have tried it, the answer is, yes. This is because people can begin achieving the goals that they have set for themselves in a few weeks of beginning the training. It is also important to note that the results that people achieve are consistent. So, people can expect to achieve their goals without feeling like the progress is only temporary.

Promoted With a Solid 60 day Money Back Guarantee

Because so many different workout programs do not always live up to their claims, it’s not uncommon for people to become skeptical of the fast results that have been promised. Therefore, this part of the program has not been ignored, especially because it offers a solid 60 day money back guarantee for those who pay for the program. Which means, each individual can take advantage of this program without expecting to lose money. Even though the success of this program is being confirmed, people can still take advantage of this 60 day money back guarantee if their personal experiences differ in any way. It really is a great deal, but if you want to know more check out the review of mi40x at FitnessHacker.com.

mass gainer


Mass Gainer products fall into the health and fitness category. For the most part they are powders which can be added to water milk or other supplements to assist sportspeople to gain “mass.” Mass is usually muscle mass, so for those who find it difficult to gain muscle mass, such as ectomorphs, those born with a very slim physique, mass gainer products are a blessing as they can help with the almost impossible task of gains in weight and strength for these “hard gainers.”

To find a really excellent mass gainer product, or even the very best one of them all, you need to understand what these products can do for you: they should increase your strength as well as your muscle mass. So you must check each product you are thinking of using to find out what exactly it contains. The substances which are usually part of a high quality mass gainer are L-Glutamine, Creatine, Casein, Protein, Carbohydrates and sweeteners. The levels of carbohydrates and sweeteners should be balanced against the other ingredients so that those who gain weight easily do not add unwanted pounds to their frame while they are trying to gain mass.

Reviewers of mass gainer products note that all products affect each individual differently; they include price and taste as factors of comparison as they attempt to decide which mass gainer product is really definitely the best one of all.

From a list of five on a reputable review site, the product BSN True Mass sits at number 5. This positioning may be due to the fact that this mass gainer supplement contains 15gms of sugar per serving, which means that you might gain fat as well as muscle while taking this supplement. The price is quite high, considering that the bucket this supplemental powder is packaged in contains only 16 servings. In other criteria of comparison, such as grams of protein per serving, number of calories and whether the product contains L- Glutamine and Creatine, this power product stacks up fairly well against others.

Number 4 on the above mentioned list is Universal Real Gains. This mass gainer scores high points for taste, especially for its Chocolate flavoured variety, although it does not contain either L- Glutamine or Creatine. The product has the highest number of servings per package and the calorie count for each serving is quite low. These qualities make Universal Real gains a good buy, although it does not quite reach the top rankings.

At number 3 on the list, Cytosport Monster Mass is a nicely flavoured sport supplement with a smooth, easy to mix and drink texture. It contains L-Glutamine and a variety of vitamins to truly aid in gaining mass. Despite the vitamins and other additives, this sports supplement has a low calorie count per serve of only 600gms. At number 3 on the list, it is getting close to the very best of mass gainer products.

In second place, is ON Pro Complex. Although this powerful sports supplement does not contain L-Glutamine or Creatine, egg, whey and casein are included in the mixture. With the high count of 650 calories per scoop and the added ingredients this product is excellent for hard gainers. It will assist them in gaining that sought-after muscle mass and it can be taken pre- or post- workout.

Now, finally we arrive at Number One, the really very best mass gainer product on the market. Its name is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. This top-rating mass gainer supplement has earned its number one spot because of a high nutrient content and many co-factors that add density and strength to your mass gains. It includes L-Glutamine and Creatine, both. Described as one of the best mass gainers out there, this one receives a 9.5/10 rating and it is the top pick of expert trainers. So the question is answered, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is really the best mass gainer product you can buy and the one which will give you the best results.



Is HGH Right for You?

It seems like people are constantly trying to lose weight these days. The problem is that there are so many options available that it becomes almost impossible to figure out what really works and what doesn’t. For example, you’ve probably heard a lot about hgh supplements. However, how do you if they are really effective? When you purchase something from a website, how do you know if the supplement you are purchasing is legal or illegal? The truth is, there are tons of hgh supplements out there, both legal and illegal. It is up to you to discern which ones are something you want to take and which ones you need to leave alone.

How do you figure all of this out? Your best bet is to refrain from purchasing supplements from shady online sources and insist that you only purchase supplements from reputable websites or from establishments that that you know you can trust. Because there are legal and illegal supplements out there, you want to be sure that you are taking something that is not violating any laws. More importantly, you want to know that you are taking something that is not going to be harmful to your body. If you have any questions about the potential effectiveness or safety of a certain product, it is important that you speak with your physician before you ever take any supplement at all. If you want to find out more about safely taking hgh supplements, having a conversation with your physician can answer most of your questions. You can then proceed with confidence.



Testosterone Boosters Explained

Testosterone boosters are supplements that men can take to help replace this important hormone, it is available in capsules or powder form and is made from either natural or synthetic ingredients. It is possible to purchase testosterone supplements either online or in health food and other specialist stores, many men use them either as part of a body-building regime or to just improve their general health and well-being.

Testosterone levels usually peak within men in their early twenties, as they move towards their thirties their natural levels begin to decrease, this can lead to feeling unwell or less energetic than usual. As well as the aging process, certain illnesses or being rundown can also affect the levels of testosterone that are present.

Symptoms of having low testosterone can include;

* Loss of muscle mass.

* Depression or low mood.

* Feeling lethargic or low in energy

* Lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone boosters can help alleviate these symptoms and contain ingredients that help the body to produce higher levels, typical ingredients used include magnesium, oyster extract, zinc, vitamin D, fenugreek and ginseng, which are all proven to have testosterone boosting effects.

These are some of the benefits that can be gained from using a testosterone supplement;

* Strengthens the immune system, making you less susceptible to illness

* Increased libido and combats fertility problems

* Helps encourage fat loss helping you to maintain a slimmer, more muscular physique.

* Aids quicker recovery after working out

* Helps maintain feeling healthy and happy

* Helps build and maintain muscle mass.

There are a wide variety of testosterone boosters available all with different benefits and active ingredients. It is a good idea to research what is available carefully and to compare products properly, so you can be sure to choose a product that is well suited to your needs.


Estrogen blockers – the real truth

Men who notice that they become fatigued more easily, and who are having other symptoms such as problems getting and keeping an erection or a drop in their libidos may have a hormonal imbalance. When estrogen levels are too high, a man’s body cannot function as it does when it is in proper hormonal balance. Estrogen blockers give many men the relief that helps them to return to normal activities. Here is the real truth about the consequences of hormonal imbalances and estrogen blockers.

Hormone imbalances in men

The aging process is responsible for many cases of low testosterone. It’s a natural process but there is no need to put up with the inconvenience of the symptoms when there is help available. Estrogen is commonly believed to be a female hormone, but it is also important for maintaining a balance in the body chemistry of men as well. Estradiol, a type of estrogen, is a compound in the body that helps to promote brain health, the development of sperm and joint health. Keeping a healthy balance within the chemistry is the key. Too much can cause a condition known as gynecomastia causing the breast area in men to grow. In addition to enlarged breasts, too much estrogen can lead to cardiovascular issues, weight gain, prostate issues, and an increased risk of having a stroke.

Estrogen blockers – the real truth

Estrogen blockers help men to restore their hormonal balances and cut down health risks and problems like fatigue, erectile issues and weight gain. Natural estrogen blockers include maca, from Peru, grape seed, chrysin and wild nettle root. These plants contain compounds that help to regulate estrogen levels in men by reducing how much is produced by their bodies.

Pharmaceutical estrogen blockers such as Raloxifene, Letrozole, Tamoxifen and Arimidex are synthetically engineered products that help to lower estrogen levels in men. Whether synthetic or natural, estrogen blockers lead to higher testosterone, muscle growth and strength. This can give athletes an advantage when competing. It is recommended that men considering use of estrogen blockers consult with their health care providers to make sure that their estrogen levels don’t drop too low because this in itself can cause complications. The real truth about estrogen blockers is that they can help to lessen or eliminate the troubling symptoms that are caused by low testosterone or too much estrogen in the body.



Do Pre Workout Supplements Work?

Many people will ask themselves: do pre workout supplements work? This is understandable, since pre workout supplements have risen in popularity in recent years. Many health and fitness outlets recommend them to people who are interested in raising their fitness levels. However, the question of whether or not pre workout supplements work is more complicated than it initially seems. People shouldn’t just ask themselves: do pre workout supplements work? They should ask themselves which pre workout supplements work and under what circumstances.

For instance, when asking the question ‘do pre workout supplements work,’ it is important to consider the timing involved. Plenty of people will take B vitamins for the sake of increasing their energy levels during their workouts. However, many people will take those supplements very shortly before they start exercising. As such, their bodies will not have had time to absorb them. Some people may experience gains in energy anyway, but this will be largely due to the placebo effect. For people to really get the medical benefits of consuming more B vitamins, they are going to need to do so at least an hour in advance. The nutrients that people consume throughout the day will make the difference. The nutrients that people consume just before they start working out are only going to go so far.

A lot of other pre workout supplements are more caloric. Plenty of people consume energy drinks as pre workout supplements. In these cases, it’s even more important to ask the question: do pre workout supplements work? Many people exercise at least partly for the sake of weight management. Anything that’s going to add calories is going to potentially make some weight management goals more difficult, depending on the specific goal. A lot of energy drinks get their calories from sugar or from other sweeteners, which can constitute something of a setback for people who are working towards weight management.

While there are energy drinks that have no calories, some of these will contain artificial sweeteners. There is a great deal of controversy about whether or not artificial sweeteners are unhealthy, but many health conscious individuals aren’t interested in taking chances with something that’s attracted that much polarized discussion. Other people may be willing to try them anyway, but they should be aware of some of the potential risks.

Some pre workout supplements contain caffeine, and they can energize people that way. Many people are wary of taking caffeine for any reason, and they should consider the side effects when they’re about to take these particular pre workout supplements. In some cases, the question is not: do pre workout supplements work? The real question is: are they worth the consequences involved with taking them? When it comes to supplements like B vitamins, which contain no added calories and which are water soluble, the supplements are worth it. When it comes to sugary energy drinks, this may not be the case. Anything that encourages someone to exercise more can ultimately be positive, but it is important to consider the costs and benefits.


How Protein Powder Helps Gain Muscle

In this day and age, there are a considerable number of both men and women who are into body building, to some degree. They all realize that no matter how much weight lifting you do, that protein power must be utilized, in order to build muscle mass on their bodies. The more educated and serious individuals who work out on a regimented schedule, have their diet broken down to multiple meals per day. Between their meals and sometimes during them, they drink what are called power shakes.

They know that increased protein ingested into their system, is the key component to building muscle quicker than normal. The best way to complete this process is through power shakes. You make power shakes from protein powder, and this is how protein powder helps gain muscle. All muscles, both male and female require protein in some form, in order to build, grow, and repair muscle tissue. A person can place their self on a massive weight training program, but without protein to help gain muscle, their goal will be slowed down considerably.

Below are key factors equated to how protein powder helps gain muscle.

  1. Why Is Protein Needed?

Individuals who are in the process of building muscle mass need increased amounts of protein. Naturally, you get it from eggs, fish, poultry, and meat. Protein powder takes this consumption to the next level.

  1. Why Transform It into Shakes?

I doubt if you have ever seen anyone eating a hand full of protein powder. Taking it in a shake form enables your body to ingest a large amount of protein in a drink size portion. Be sure to always use protein powder as a supplement to your balanced meals.

  1. Why Add Other Ingredients?

This is usually done to improve the taste. Protein powder mixed with water is not the best tasting drink in the world. However, mixing it with juice, berries, or other healthy ingredients, can create a very good tasting power shake drink.

  1. How Do You Choose Protein Powder?

The best method is by doing research. Make sure that you choose those with all of the amino acids, plus essential and non-essential acids that your body requires for intense muscle building.

  1. Is There A Limit On Usage?

A good rule of thumb is to consume at least one gram of a protein shake for each pound of body weight that you have. Example: If a person is 200 pounds, then they should be consuming around 200 grams of protein each day. If you work out really hard, taking more will help your body spring back fast.

Protein powder helps gain muscle, but it is imperative that an individual utilizes a complete diet and workout plan, for a well rounded healthy body. Complete meals, plenty of water, scheduled workouts, and plenty of rest are all critical components of proper muscle gain. Protein powder, when used properly, is an expedited way to reach this goal.



Harnessing the Benefits of Creatine – a Comprehensive Guide on How to Use Creatine Correctly

Creatine has for a long time now been a popular supplement with athletes and muscle builders, thanks to its effectiveness. However, research shows that most people do not know how to use creatine correctly owing to the tons of misguiding information out there. Unfortunately, this not only makes creatine ineffective, it may lead to severe side effects when taken in large doses.

Here is a guide to how to use creatine safely and effectively for maximum benefits.


It is a common assumption that one needs to load on creatine first before taking it in small and regular doses – this is often called the “loading phase.” However, while it is true that loading beforehand is beneficial, it is not necessarily compulsory. Loading helps to saturate the level of creatine in the body, packing enough of it for daily usage before progressing to the maintenance phase – a daily constant dosage to maintain the level of creatine in the body.

If you wish to load, take about 15-20 grams of creatine a day for 5 days in portions of 5g each time – the doses should be spread out evenly throughout the day. You can then move on to the maintenance phase where you take a daily standard dosage of 5g.

On the other hand, you can stick to the standard 5g daily dosage – the creatine level in your muscles will eventually get saturated, but it will take about 3-4 weeks.

Best time to take creatine

Most people think that taking creatine just before or after working out increases its effectiveness. However, this is not true, as creatine has been shown to be at the body’s disposal throughout the day so long as saturation has been attained – creatine continues to be used in the body even after ceasing dosage.

As such, there is no best or worst time to take creatine – just take it once a day and do not exceed 5g if you are through the loading phase.

What to take creatine with

Scientists, nutritionists, and fitness experts believe that creatine is best absorbed in the body in the presence of sugars and insulin. To this end, it is recommended to take creatine with high-carb or sugary foods, as they raise the body’s insulin level almost immediately after absorption. The most popular complements for taking creatine are grape juice and dextrose.

However, it is important to understand that creatine gets absorbed into the body either way, and faster absorption does not imply instant results. As such, you can take creatine with low-carb foods and even water if you do not wish to raise your body’s calorie and fat deposit.

How long to use creatine

While creatine is natural and safe, it comes with some slight side effects when used wrongly or for prolonged periods. As such, it is always advisable to take a break from creatine after some time of use or when you note side effects such as stomach upset.

Ideally, you should take creatine for 1 ½ months to 3 months before taking a break for about a month to utilize the current creatine deposit before adding to it.

What to do when creatine seems ineffective

Creatine is very effective as proved by its popularity among users, but this does not apply to everyone. You may be wondering how to use creatine correctly to harness its benefits while you do not really need supplementation at all.

Scientists have found that there are some people with already high levels of creatine in the body – since creatine is used at the body’s pace, adding to the current creatine does not cause any changes. These people are referred to as non-responders – visit your nutritionist or a doctor to determine whether your level is already saturated with creatine of your supplements do not seem to work.


The most important aspects to observe when using creatine are dosage and usage period – never exceed 5g per day unless you are loading and always take a break after 3 months of usage.